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De paulo a 19 de Setembro de 2008 às 15:24
quem eu?? eh eh

De joana_dreams a 21 de Setembro de 2008 às 22:20
Because Youre So Sweet

There are millions of people in this world
There are many people with the same name as you
But out of all of these people, all of the people I could love
You are my favourite, because you're so sweet

I love you; you are my sunshine.
There are countless things Id do for you
They are countless, and I wouldnt do this for anyone else
But Id do it for you, because you're so sweet

When you pass by and smile at me,
The beauty I can see in your face blinds me
If I were naive; unable to see your beauty, you would be so plain
But its so easy to see, because you're so sweet
I hold you tightly in my heart, which leaks of this love I have for you
Theres too much to keep inside, I just have to let it go.
But why do I love you so much, my dear friend?
Well, it is simply because, you are so sweet.

este post fez-me lembrar o que um amigo meu, me enviou em tempos... espero que gostes!!!

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